Cybersecurity Training Program Solutions for Your Team

The RangeForce CyberSkills Training Platform engages your team in hands-on lessons on how to detect and respond to the latest cyber threats and system vulnerabilities. A cloud-based, on-demand, SaaS environment means no complex setup or hardware requirements.

Advanced cybersecurity training features include attack bots that recreate real-life targeted cyber attacks, as well as an integrated gaming engine that turns technical training modules into absorbing competitions, plus a virtual teaching assistant that provides timely support and advice when needed. Comprehensive reporting dashboards quickly and accurately identify individual and team skill levels and competencies.

RangeForce Cybersecurity Training Modules: Yara Rules

Prescriptive learning paths operationalize security training

RangeForce’s Prescriptive Learning Paths are prebuilt, quick-start cybersecurity training programs that align to the roles of your teams to ensure that relevant skills are developed.

The content is purpose-built to provide exposure to real threats so your team can prepare for an actual attack. Developed by our cybersecurity experts working in conjunction with our Fortune 500 clients, as well as input from our technical partners, and aligned to the common cybersecurity frameworks, these learning paths are integrated into our training platform.

Learning paths can be leveraged to create career development tracks for Security, IT, and DevOps professionals. Skills assessments give team leaders direct visibility into the strengths and progress of each team member.

Prescriptive Learning Path Examples
Security Operations AppSec DEVSECOPS
SOC 1 Analyst
SOC 2 Analyst
Forensic Analyst
Threat Hunter
OWASP Vulnerability Top 10
Penetration Tester
Kubernetes Security Specialist
           Docker Security Specialist                    Cloud Security Specialist

Threat Hunter certificate

Prescriptive Learning Path: Threat Hunter

5 Courses, 15 Modules, 14 Hrs of Training

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5
Course 1 Course 2 Course 3 Course 4 Course 5
Sudo Killer
YARA Rule Writing ADV
Exposed Creds ADV
Backdoor 1 Challenge
Metasploit Basics
Reverse Engineering 1
Backdoor 1 Challenge
Reverse Engineering 2
Exposed Creds Challenge
Backdoor 2 Challenge

Customized executive reports built to visualize your success

Cybersecurity Measurement and Executive Reporting

As a RangeForce customer, you receive quarterly custom-built executive reports based on your team’s accomplishments.

Reports are designed to meet the needs of CISOs, CIOs, and senior executives to provide a clear representation of team skills and achievements.

Utilizing anonymous customer data and industry standards including NIST NICE and Cybersecurity Framework (CSF), we create benchmark reports that show how your program is progressing and how you compare to your peers.

RangeForce is a scalable platform providing hands-on measurable training for cybersecurity and IT operations professionals

RangeForce simplifies the administration and management of the hundreds of classes across large numbers of learners. Admins and team managers can quickly create teams, assign users to each team, and apply the different classes and modules to each team or user as needed.

Platform Features


Realistic network simulation

RangeForce’s simulation environment delivers advanced cyberattacks against enterprise networks that reflect real-world environments. Browser-based, zero latency courses provide hundreds of hours of content reflecting the latest environments and attacks.

Virtual teaching assistant

A virtual teaching assistant

The Intelligent Teaching Assistant delivers support and advice when needed in order to master complex subject matter, while adaptive Learning monitors user behavior and provide real-time hints and guidance.

Realistic network simulation environment

Attack bots

RangeForce training and challenges include both blue team and red team exercises. Our automated attack bot takes the work out of scenario building and will surprise you with stealthy targeted attacks right from the headlines.

Comprehensive reporting

Comprehensive reporting

RangeForce delivers a single point of visibility to track your team’s strengths and weaknesses. Quantitative analysis combined with prescriptive learning turns adequate teams into experts and builds trust and confidence across the business.



Problem-based, instant feedback and leaderboards turn training into engaging and dynamic learning experiences while adding just the right amount of competition and incentives to keep things interesting.

Cloudbased platform

Cloud-based Platform-as-a-Service Model

The RangeForce platform is an advanced cloud-based cyber skill training platform and cyber range. Always accessible, train in place with no hardware or software to manage.

With RangeForce, you get a realistic, hands-on experience that effectively tests your ability to identify and respond to the latest attacks

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Skills Flexibility is the Key to Cyber Defense

With a worldwide shortage of available cybersecurity professionals, enterprises have to deal with both workforce shortfalls and subject matter expert gaps. To overcome these challenges, RangeForce can be deployed to cross-train cyber team members, transition skilled IT personnel into security roles, and quickly upskill new hires. RangeForce’s prescriptive learning paths, hands-on simulations, and hundreds of real-world training modules give security leaders real tactics to improve cyber skills across the team.


RangeForce Training Modules

With an evolving threat landscape, it is critical to keep security professionals trained to deal with the latest vulnerabilities and attacks. Yet most cyber-training is focused on individual career development, not on the critical skills need to be a successful member of a security team.  RangeForce training modules are developed by cybersecurity experts to train cybersecurity experts. Modules follow multiple courses: security operations, DevOps, Application Security, and ICS/OT. Training modules within each group move from foundational to advanced levels. Implementing RangeForce training improves your team’s threat detection and response effectiveness, while allowing CISOs to understand individual and team strengths and weaknesses.

Modules range from foundational to advanced following industry standard benchmarks
  • Hundreds of training modules, with new modules delivered weekly.
  • Course and training plans for users from novice to expert.
  • Role-based learning to ensure training meets team needs.
  • Lessons include step by step guidance, hints, and support.
  • 100% of modules include hands-on simulation-based work.
Comprehensive training reporting dashboard

Cybersecurity training for security professionals
by security professionals

Security training modules for SOC teams

Training modules in the Security Operations Track cover topics ranging from web application vulnerabilities to advanced malware detection, threat hunting, malware analysis, and the use of security tools (YARA, Suricata, Metasploit, Nmap, and more).

Sample of Module Topics:
  • Malware Forensics
  • Network & Log Analysis
  • Threat Hunting
  • Password Cracking
  • Post Exploitation & Lateral Movement
SOC Training Module
DevOps Training Module

Security training modules for DevOps teams

Security and DevOps pros are well aware that building “security as code” programs are critical to protecting your company from cyberattacks. The challenge is how to operationalize this into actual coding processes. The key is training DevOps teams on critical secure coding topics that can be applied to their development process.  The RangeForce DevOps track includes modules on identifying application risks and vulnerabilities, API security, security coding best practices, and defense in depth principles.
           Sample of Module Topics:
  • SQL Injection, XSS, XXE, and CSRF risks and vulnerabilities
  • Cookie Misconfigurations
  • Least Privilege best practices
  • Docker and Kubernetes vulnerabilities
  • Linux CLI management of users, files, and software

Security training modules for application engineering teams

Defending Applications, AppSec is intended for anyone tasked with implementing, managing, or protecting Web applications. Modules cover 100% of the OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities and include XPATH & XQUERY languages, protecting HTTP headers and cross-site request forging.

Sample of Module Topics:
  • Infrastructure Security
  • Server Configuration
  • Application Language Configuration
  • Application Coding Errors like SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting
  • Web 2.0 and its use of web services
WASE Security Training Module

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RangeForce Battle Fortress Cyber Range

Is your team truly prepared for the cyberattack you know is coming?

RangeForce Battle Fortress is a hyper-scalable cloud-based cyber range that enables you to execute blue team and red team exercises in a realistic simulated environment.

Battle Fortress recreates an entire IT environment so security teams can practice with existing security tools as well as real malware and real vulnerabilities.

Battle exercises are pre-built blue and red team exercises that can be reused to help deliver valuable training while eliminating the cost and resources required to develop new scenarios.

See Battle Fortress in action

Cyber Range Battle Fortress

How It Works

Incident detection and response is a team affair and should not be performed in silos. Battle Force Cyber Range exercises test your team’s ability to react and collaborate during real-world, high-intensity cyberattacks.

Battle Fortress exercises are a game. Your mission is to defend the servers of a fictional country.

Cyber Siege Gamified Cyber Security Training
1. Enter the game environment

Connect into the RangeForce Cloud and the game will open with real servers and a real network.

RangeForce Cyber Skills Platform
2. Experience attack

In a few minutes you’ll find that your systems are being attacked.

Cyber Siege Cyber Defenders
3. Defend in real-time

Now you have to act fast – open logs, find the attacks and fix the vulnerabilities.

What You Get

Real life cyber attack simulation

When a Battle Fortress exercise starts, teams are thrown into high-intensity attacks where revenue and reputation are on the line. Scenarios are as ‘real’ and complex as possible, so you feel like you are fighting on the frontlines.

Attacks are taken right from the headlines

Battle Fortress exercises include advanced attacks like Shellshock and Heartbleed and adversary techniques like XSS, backdoors, lateral movement, network reconnaissance, DDOS, and rootkits.

Team activity monitoring

Working with your existing operations, processes, and technologies, security teams must work together to find, identify, contain and remediate the attack.

Quantitative and qualitative analysis of teamwork

The final part of the exercise is a team debrief where strengths and weaknesses are identified, processes are improved, and training is more focused so that teams continuously improve.

Fast, safe, and scalable environment

RangeForce simulations are hosted on a cloud-based platform that allows IT professionals to experiment with complex attacks in an isolated and safe environment.

Fast setup, easy operations

With RangeForce, you can spin up a new Battle Fortress exercise in just a few hours. Gone are the heavy operational costs of managing a cyber range or preparing for your next blue team exercise. RangeForce delivers online and onsite sieges for testing teamwork or individual skill level at competitions.

Battle Fortress Architecture

The Battle Fortress Cyber Range consists of multiple virtual environments that operate together to create infrastructure and scenarios that create a blue or red team exercise. Battle Fortress virtual servers recreate realistic training environments with malware and vulnerabilities. Software tool emulators bring vendor security stacks to life. Attack scenarios are unleashed on the exercise participants, who must work together to detect, contain, and remediate the attack. 


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Security Training Orchestration

With RangeForce, you get a realistic, hands-on experience that effectively tests your ability to identify and respond to the latest attacks

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