RangeForce Battle Paths

Battle Paths are prebuilt training programs that align to specific cybersecurity roles.

Whether you are just beginning your career in cybersecurity or are mastering new skills needed to advance it, each path provides impactful hands-on training experiences.

This training takes place in a highly realistic cloud-based cyber range, featuring real IT infrastructure, real security tools, and real cyberattacks. As part of each Battle Path, you’ll complete training exercises and related challenges. Once you’ve finished a path, you’ll receive a RangeForce Badge to validate and promote your achievements.

Battle Paths can be purchased individually to match your specific training goals.

Choose Your Path

SOC Analyst 1

SOC Analyst 2

Web Application Security

Threat Hunter

Microsoft Core Security

Cybersecurity Essentials

Cloud Security

Secure Coding

RangeForce Battle Path Preview: Threat Hunter

10 Courses
30 Total Modules
12 Challenges

Week 1 Course 1 Yextend, Malware Analysis Introduction, Linux Advanced Logging
Week 2 Course 2 Password Cracking, Identifying Network IOCs: DNS Tunneling, IOC Challenge
Week 3 Course 3 Netcat Introduction, Adv. Privilege Escalation: Exposed and Reused Credentials, Detecting Privilege Escalation
Week 4 Course 4 Metasploit Basics, Reverse Engineering 1, Proxychains
Week 5 Course 5 Reverse Engineering 2, CVE-2020-7247 OpenSMTPD RCE, Exposed and Reused Credentials Challenge

RangeForce Battle Skills

RangeForce offers hundreds of interactive training modules on a variety of cybersecurity topics. With RangeForce Battle Skills, you’ll have access to our full training library, including all available RangeForce Battle Paths, and any new training modules we develop.

This is an ideal resource for individuals looking to continuously hone their personal cybersecurity skills. For teams, the platform serves as an essential tool in the ongoing mission to ensure cyber resilience and security orchestration. It also provides security leaders with key insights regarding a team’s strengths and weaknesses.

Use RangeForce Battle Skills to experience advanced security tools in action and stay up-to-date on common vulnerability and exposures (CVE).


RangeForce Platform Features

Realistic network simulation

Realistic Network Simulation RangeForce’s simulation environment delivers advanced cyberattacks against enterprise networks that reflect real-world environments. Browser-based courses provide hundreds of hours of content reflecting the latest known threats.

Virtual Teaching Assistant

The Virtual Teaching Assistant delivers guidance and advice to assist learners in mastering complex subjects.

Attack bots

RangeForce training and challenges include both blue team and red team exercises. Our automated attack bot takes the work out of scenario building and will surprise you with targeted attacks right from the headlines.

Comprehensive reporting

RangeForce delivers a single point of visibility to track your team’s strengths and weaknesses. Quantitative assessment and targeted training work together to transform teams.


Engaging training includes the right amount of competition and incentives to keep things interesting.

Cloud-based Platform-as-a-Service Model

The RangeForce platform is an advanced cloud-based platform and cyber range. It is always accessible and can be run in an internet browser.

Experience realistic, hands-on training that tests your ability to identify and respond to the latest cyber threats.

Flexibility is Key to Cyber Defense

There’s a worldwide shortage of available cybersecurity talent. Teams have to deal with both workforce shortfalls and gaps in subject matter expertise. To overcome these challenges, RangeForce can be deployed to cross-train cyber team members, transition skilled IT personnel into security roles, and quickly upskill new hires. RangeForce gives security leaders real tactics to improve cyber skills across the team.

RangeForce Training Modules

RangeForce training modules are developed by cybersecurity experts, for cybersecurity experts. Our content ranges from foundational to advanced and covers a number of topics, including security operations, DevOps, application security, and ICS/OT.

RangeForce training improves threat detection and response effectiveness, while providing security leaders with a clearer understanding of individual and team capabilities.

Training Features

  • Hundreds of training modules, with new modules delivered weekly.
  • Role-based learning designed to meet a team’s needs.
  • Interactive lessons, including step-by-step guidance and support.

Contact us to see the full list of our security training content.

RangeForce Battle Fortress

Is your team truly prepared for a cyberattack? Battle Fortress is a hyper-scalable cyber range that enables teams to execute realistic blue and red team exercises.

Give your team the chance to respond to real threats and vulnerabilities cooperatively. Our on-demand cyber range replicates your IT infrastructure and security stack, creating an ideal environment for a team to assess and optimize its resilience.

By incorporating pre-built exercises, RangeForce Battle Fortress can create effective training experiences while cutting the prohibitive cost and resources associated with conventional cyber range solutions.


How It Works

Incident detection and response is a team affair and should not be performed in silos. RangeForce exercises test your team’s ability to react and collaborate during real-world, high-intensity cyberattacks.

Real life cyber attack simulation

When a Battle Fortress exercise starts, teams are thrown into high-intensity attacks where revenue and reputation are on the line. Scenarios are as ‘real’ and complex as possible, so you feel like you are fighting on the frontlines.

Attacks are taken right from the headlines

Battle Fortress exercises include advanced attacks like Shellshock and Heartbleed and adversary techniques like XSS, backdoors, lateral movement, network reconnaissance, DDOS, and rootkits.

Team activity monitoring

Working with your existing operations, processes, and technologies, security teams must work together to find, identify, contain and remediate the attack.

Quantitative and qualitative analysis of teamwork

The final part of the exercise is a team debrief where strengths and weaknesses are identified, processes are improved, and training is more focused so that teams continuously improve.

Fast, safe, and scalable environment

RangeForce simulations are hosted on a cloud-based platform that allows IT professionals to experiment with complex attacks in an isolated and safe environment.

Fast setup, easy operations

With RangeForce, you can spin up a new Battle Fortress exercise in just a few hours. Gone are the heavy operational costs of managing a cyber range or preparing for your next blue team exercise. RangeForce delivers online and onsite sieges for testing teamwork or individual skill level at competitions.