The biggest challenge facing cybersecurity is not outdated tools, but a shortage of skilled professionals. The cybersecurity talent shortage is approaching 4 million jobs worldwide. That massive shortage is driving companies to spend more on training their existing staff. Still, training solutions are not keeping up with the times – effective training solutions do not scale, and scalable training solutions available are ineffective. Asynchronous training and learning has proven to be scalable, effective, and affordable. This learning format delivers interactive on-demand training that meets the unique needs of distributed teams that are required to learn advanced and constantly evolving subjects like cybersecurity.

This webinar covers:
  • What is an asynchronous training program and why is it so effective?
  • The critical components of an eLearning platform
  • How asynchronous training drives measurable cyber resilience programs
  • Implementing a continuous learning program for your cybersecurity team
  • Examples of how asynchronous training can prepare your security team to defend against attacks