RangeForce CyberSkills Simulation Training & Cyber Range Solutions

Assess Your Security, IT, and DevOps Team

Establish a quantitative baseline and prescribe individualized learning paths to align team skills with cyber risks.

Learn and Apply Cyber Skills

Choose what matters from hundreds of hands-on modules. Learn by doing in tailored learning paths that adapt to your needs.

Transform Your Organization

Gain a clear picture of strengths across your organization. Provide objective metrics, show increased readiness to your execs and board.

The RangeForce CyberSkills Platform & Cyber Range

The industry's only integrated hands-on skills training platform and hyper-scalable cloud-based cyber range.

RangeForce CyberSkills Platform

The RangeForce CyberSkills Platform provides a simulated hands-on learning environment that trains users to detect and respond to the latest cyber threats. The platform includes simulation training for leading cybersecurity tools. It accurately shows where expertise skills gaps exist and provides hundreds of hours of highly-effective hands-on training to fill those gaps.

Battle Fortress Architecture

The RangeForce Battle Fortress is a hyper-scalable cloud-based cyber range that enables red and blue team exercises in highly realistic environments. Battle Fortress scenarios include IT networks, security tools, real malware, and vulnerabilities. Battle exercises are developed in weeks and reuseable to deliver valuable training while eliminating the high costs and resources required to maintain a cyber range.

Tell us about your organization?

Different size organizations cope with the challenges of defending against cyber attacks in different ways, but all security and IT teams must be properly trained to recognize and understand the threats they face and how to defend against them. RangeForce offers highly effective and affordable solutions for companies of all sizes and even individual learners.

What Makes RangeForce Different

Security Vendor Integration

Security Training Orchestration Optimizes the ROI of Your Technology 

Your security stack integrated directly into RangeForce's learning modules, and blue team exercises deliver improved ROI across your security technology investment as team members become expert operators. Hands-on security tool training brings junior staff up to speed in weeks, not months, while at the same time, SOC detection and response processes are optimized, and team coordination developed as cross-product processes are perfected.

Prescriptive Learning Paths Jump Start Your Cybersecurity Training

Prescriptive learning paths are quick-start training programs that align with the roles of your teams. Each learning path ensures that relevant skills are prioritized and properly developed. Prescriptive learning paths enhance career development, improve retention, build security culture, and establish overall cyber-resilience. Specific learning paths include SOC Analyst 1, SOC Analyst 2, Threat Hunter, Pen Tester, and OWASP 10 AppSec Developer, with new tracks being added each month.

Executive Reports-1

Executive reports deliver powerful visibility into your security operations true cyber resiliency

Executive reports are designed to meet the needs of CISOs, CIOs, and senior executives. Executive reports provide a clear representation of team skills and achievements as well as benchmark reporting against standards and anonymized industry skills data.

Learn by defending against complex attacks. Assess real skills and identify areas for improvement

Our on-demand, gamified training modules develop cybersecurity skills through real-life scenarios that deliver training down to the command line. With our fully integrated cyber range, Battle Fortress, security teams to experience the feel of defending against a real cyber attack.

Operations-based skills training, assessments, and attack simulations are the most effective ways to improve and measure a cybersecurity team’s capabilities, as well as develop better web application security and DevOps hygiene. With the RangeForce CyberSkills Platform, your team is better prepared to defend against advanced attacks.

Security teams around the world are mastering defensive cybersecurity with the RangeForce CyberSkills Training Platform


“RangeForce provides actionable info on IT team’s skill level. How else would you know what your team knows?”
Jesse Wojtkowiak Head of Information Security, Pipedrive
“In particular I liked the botnet malware training because you have to hack a server in order to fix it (yeah, pretty cool!). I’m a software developer and a system administrator, can assure you this type of learning experience will make you a solid IT professional.”
Jose V Nunez Software Developer, Barclays Capital
“It’s a scalable way for the university to evaluate participants’ skills and their motivation. RangeForce is many times cheaper than building and maintaining your own cyber range and it already includes all the necessary technical help.”
Sten Mäses Cybersecurity Lecturer in TalTech

Continuous hands-on real-world simulation training is the only way to measure cyber-skills improvement and increase cyber-resilience over time

Build a continuous cyber training program

Build a continuous cyber training program

Benchmark performance against NIST/NICE, OWASP, and MITRE ATT&CK frameworks using prescriptive learning paths to jump-start training. Visualize individual and team progress. Measure progress against cyber risk and resilience programs.

Shield Icon Protect

Learn how to identify and fix vulnerabilities

Train Security, AppSec, & DevOps teams to avoid critical coding errors. Match learning paths to the OWASP Top 10. Integrate security hygiene into application coding and build a security culture across Security, IT and DevOps.

Hone operational expertize

Continually hone operational expertise

Create prescriptive training paths for learners from beginners to experts. Utilize new modules and challenges to train and test skills on the latest malware and vulnerabilities to create true cyber experts.

Assess candidate skills

Objectively assess candidates' skills

Test and evaluate new candidates to ensure skills match with hiring roles while objectively identifying the best candidate fit for the company. Reduce and eliminate bad hires.

Identify hidden security talent

Identify hidden talent and close the cyber skills hiring gap

Identify top talent from across IT, Dev, and Security staff then cross-train and upskill employees to meet critical unfilled positions. Increase the effectiveness and resilience of your organization.

Reduce costs

Reduce overall training & hiring costs

Save 65% over current online and classroom training, which enables more people to be trained. Meet learning in place requirements and reduce travel budgets. Eliminate the need to rent or build a cyber range.

Ensure that your security professionals have the required training to perform their tasks efficiently

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