We’re a team of software engineers and cybersecurity professionals with the curiosity and drive to change the status quo. Our mission: enable customers to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks and make digital life safer.

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Who we are

We are an international and diverse team of cybersecurity and software engineers distributed between the U.S. and Estonia. Our goal is to build a successful and valuable global company that delivers superior training and simulation solutions to our customers. Solutions that measurably improve the operational skills of our customer’s cybersecurity, DevOps, and web application teams.

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Who we are?

What we believe in

At RangeForce, we believe that cybersecurity should not be a language spoken by the few, but accessible to the many. With a learn-by-doing approach, we’re on a mission to democratize defensive cyber skills. We’re building a cyber skills training platform that is the most accessible, effective, and efficient training solution available.

Our team is on a continuous learning path to understand the adversaries, their methods, and their ever-evolving threats in depth. Then we build that knowledge into our platform – digital learning, updated continuously, on-demand, and at scale.

Our guiding principles

  • We work for impact, solving the hard problems – Cybersecurity skills shortage is a real nightmare for all companies. We are here to solve it.
  • We put our hacking mindset to great use to figure out how good guys, bad guys, and technologies work.
  • Our curiosity drives our learning – We are continually developing our tech skills as professionals.
  • We are passionate about the security community – We help our customers and partners to be operationally prepared to defend their systems and their businesses.
RangeForce Team Activities
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We support your growth and development, and we will motivate you to do your best work.

Like many startups, we come with all the fun, competitive perks like free food, fun team events, cool technology, and lots of camaraderie.

But we offer something even more important: the chance to make a difference. RangeForce’s success will uniquely improve the way organizations defend against cyberattacks to build true cyber resiliency.

At RangeForce, you have the opportunity to:

  • Be part of a dedicated global team of engineering and cybersecurity professionals.
  • Put all your design, coding, and hacking skills to good use. You will be building new and meaningful solutions.
  • Make an impact on the technology community.
  • Enjoy flexible working hours where you are in charge of balancing work and personal time.
  • Collaborate on exciting projects across global cross-functional teams.
  • Train and be mentored by our amazing managers.
  • Work with exciting new technologies and languages.
  • Partner with global customers across the financial, technology, education, and healthcare sectors.
  • Enjoy all the perks that come with a tech startup, including personal health days, team events, and much more.

What RangeForcers say

“I like RangeForce because it solves one of the biggest challenges out there: change the way we learn new cyber skills. I’m constantly learning new things, and my code impacts people all over the world.”
Kert Ojasoo System Architect
“I love working with my team: we’re a team of ambitious, smart, and supportive people. Everyone is there for a bigger mission.”
Tim Savage Director of Sales
“I have been constantly inspired by our tech-driven environment and our mission of changing learning ways of cybersecurity. Having an open, collaborative culture makes Range Force a great workplace where opinions are valued and appreciated.”
Mehreen Tahir Senior Software Engineer

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