5 Lessons from the Work from Home Security Operations Center

14 August, 2020

We’re pleased that Dark Reading published a new blog by our President and CRO Gordon Lawson. Our customers began reaching out to us for recommendations on training modules that team members could take to quickly prepare themselves to mitigate the risk of the new “work-from-home” reality. After a month of working with customers to make this transition, we asked about the critical lesson they learned in the process. Rather than focus on lessons from lines of business and services folks working from home, we asked a simple question; how do you take your SOC home?

The 5 lessons in the blog represent the learnings from our customers:

  1. Utilize a supply chain methodology to keep the SOC running smoothly
  2. Create a virtual 24/7 communications model
  3. Optimize your resources through team cross-training
  4. Preserve your security culture
  5. Improve the quality of all your deliverables recognizing that errors will likely be made.

We certainly hope you enjoy the blog and that it helps you improve security operations in these challenging times. Read Gordon’s blog here.

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