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24 September, 2020

Discover the value of hands-on training as the best way to learn cyber skills

To get any certification, cybersecurity people have to answer a lot of questions. Security+ 90 questions, GSEC 180 questions, CISSP 150 questions, and the list goes on. Rarely, if ever do you see an exam or training for that matter, where the learner must actually do the work (the coding, scanning, creating the rules, etc.) associated with defending against malicious activity. It raises an important question that is the onus for RangeForce creating a free community version of our platform.

The question: can you learn real cybersecurity skills from lectures and multi-choice tests?

At RangeForce, we do not believe so, and the continued and growing success of our adversaries seems to back that up. So how do you create a learning environment in which the learner is able to view a lesson, then do the work in a real environment, and if challenged, go back and practice the skills over and over until they are known?

Our RangeForce CyberSkills Training Platform delivers hands-on training by integrating a full cyber range with an interactive learning environment in which you can plug in hundreds of training modules. Within each module, the learner is exposed to a virtual system that includes the environment, tools, and interfaces they need to actually carry out the lesson taught in the module. If the learner struggles with the lesson, they can ask for hints and even get answers and explanations - then go back and do the same lesson again and again until they no longer need any help to know the topic cold.

The RangeForce Community Edition combines our CyberSkills Platform, virtual environments, and 20 popular learning modules all for free for anyone interested in learning cyber skills, at any time, from any browser, anywhere.

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The initial 20 modules cover security operations, application security, cloud security, and DevSecOps. Most of the training modules are focused on beginner or intermediate learning, but we will add in some advanced training modules and challenges to give cyber pros a chance to show off their skills. Most of all, it is a community where you can join and work in a true simulation environment to master skills.

We also wanted to address another challenge plaguing every industry: the cybersecurity “skills gap” we hear about every day. From our customers, we hear, “I cannot find and hire qualified security professionals fast enough.” From our thousands of learners, we hear, “I need real work-ready skills I can use to get those open jobs, but my certifications and past skills are not good enough.” This duality is the second impetus for our Community Edition. We understand that the skills gap is not what you might read in misleading headlines - that there are not enough cybersecurity professionals in the market. We recognize that the “skills gap” is really the missing hands-on skills and capabilities of cyber professionals to meet the requirements that hiring managers are so desperately seeking. 

  • Do you know how to run a search in Splunk to surface an IOC?
  • Can you navigate the commands of an Ubuntu server to find a back door?
  • Do you know how to configure IDS alerts that will identify threats in network traffic?
  • Do you know how to extract system information through the SNMP server?
In our Community Edition you can learn all of these skills and many more, and know them so well that, at an interview, you can actually open up a laptop and show your hiring manager what you can really do for them, day one on the job. Having that level of “work ready” knowledge is one way we help close the skills gap.

The RangeForce Community Edition is dynamic and fun because training should also be enjoyable. To kick things off, our first 200 registrants who get through five modules will get a free RangeForce Community T-Shirt. For all registrants, after five modules, you can request a four-hour CPE credit certificate. And to keep everyone coming back to learn more, we will introduce special promotions to the community members on everything from “Challenge Module” contests to specialty “open-source tool” skills badges and even the chance to qualify for our “RangeForce Beta Testing” team to get early access to our latest modules.

No matter what business you are in, no matter the size of your organization, we hope you’ll join our community. Get real-world experience in our training simulator, win a T-Shirt, follow us on LinkedIn to see what is new, and keep coming back to be part of the fun!

The First Twenty:

  1. Docker Introduction
  2. Docker Networking
  3. Docker Privileged Container Escape
  4. Kubernetes Overview
  5. Kubernetes Introduction
  6. File Management - Linux OS
  7. Windows Event Logs
  8. PowerShell Introduction
  9. NTLM Authentication
  10. Splunk Basics
  11. IDS/IPS: Suricata Basics
  12. IDS/IPS: Suricata IDS Rules
  13. YARA Introduction
  14. YARA Rule Writing
  15. Nmap: Basics
  16. Nmap: SNMP Enumeration
  17. XSS: Reflected
  18. XSS: Stored
  19. SQL Injection: Prelude
  20. SQL Injection: Authentication Bypass

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