RangeForce: New Tiers Enable Continuous Security Skills Development

by Kurt Werner

RangeForce recently announced a new tiered offering for our cloud-based platform, built to deliver realistic, continuous skills development in alignment with an organization’s cybersecurity maturity level. The RangeForce platform equips teams to better defend against current and emerging threats, with each tier introducing learners to real, increasingly complex cybersecurity concepts and live attacks.

To tailor cyber defense readiness to a team’s specific needs, the RangeForce platform is available in Elite, Enterprise, and Professional editions. Each aligns individual and team-oriented content based on the organization’s security maturity level. Interactive modules and threat exercises, presented in emulated enterprise environments populated with real security solutions, allow companies to verify their defense readiness, scale up their cyber skills, and build foundational security capabilities. The platform is regularly updated with complementary content for continuous new skills development.

Three New RangeForce Tiers

Based on the experience, knowledge and expertise of their security team, organizations can choose from the following RangeForce offerings:

Elite Edition

Enables companies to verify, refine and validate their security team’s cyber readiness using continuous skills development and threat exercises that reflect real world attacks.

Enterprise Edition

Designed to scale a team’s defensive capabilities against a variety of threats by training with real solutions and developing the skills that defensive readiness demands.

Professional Edition

Helps build a foundational and hands-on understanding of the threat landscape, focusing on the threat vectors and attack methodologies that pose immediate risks to the organization.

Benefits for Managers and Learners

For security leaders, the RangeForce platform’s reporting and administration capabilities help upskill team members for current and new roles, establish standards for hiring and advancement, and measure an organization's level of cyber defense readiness. Managers can create and track learner-specific goals, build custom learning paths tailored to their team, view learner activity and platform engagement, and identify skills gaps.

Meanwhile, the RangeForce platform provides a holistic upskilling environment for learners that includes individual, learner-specific plans; hundreds of interactive, on-demand skill modules; assessments and challenges; as well as prebuilt and role-specific learning paths for core security functions including SOC analyst 1, SOC analyst 2, and threat hunter. 

See the full RangeForce Platform Feature Matrix

If you’re interested in learning more about the RangeForce platform or seeing our full course catalog, request a demo here or contact our sales team at sales@rangeforce.com.


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