RangeForce Named Security Training Program of the Year in Computing Security Excellence Awards

26 January, 2021

Dec. 15, 2020 - RangeForce, the company that is revolutionizing cybersecurity training, today announced it has been named Security Training Program of the Year in the 2020 Computing Security Excellence Awards, which celebrate the achievements of the IT industry's leading security companies, solutions, products and personalities.

According to Computing, with the majority of staff now working outside the safety of the corporate network, training them to recognize threats has never been more important. The Security Training Provider of the Year award recognizes the company that is working to bring new people into the world of security through a dedicated training program.

“Organizations face two distinct challenges in protecting themselves against cyber threats, lack of trained security experts and a shortage of hands-on experience in responding to active threats,” said Gordon Lawson, President of RangeForce. “Our Battle Skills platform and Battle Fortress Cyber Range enable companies to offer team members an individualized curriculum as well as execute blue team and red team exercises in a realistic simulated environment.”

“RangeForce has a solid platform that could easily be used to launch the career of any budding cyber security specialist,” said Tom Allen, editor of Computing. “The inclusivity demonstrated is fantastic and clearly shows that RangeForce thinks thoroughly about the different personas they will encounter to train them in the best possible way.”

The RangeForce CyberSkills Training Platform engages security teams in hands-on lessons on how to detect and respond to the latest cyber threats and system vulnerabilities. It includes bots that recreate real-life targeted cyber attacks, as well as an integrated gaming engine that turns technical training modules into absorbing competitions, plus a virtual teaching assistant that provides timely support and advice when needed. Comprehensive reporting dashboards quickly and accurately identify individual and team skill levels and competencies.

About RangeForce

RangeForce makes creating highly skilled cybersecurity defenders simple, flexible, and fast for all enterprises. Powered by the industry’s first SaaS-based, integrated cybersecurity simulation and virtual cyber range, we help customers operationalize a security training program in hours, saving up to 65% over traditional training and up to $1M annually on hosted cyber ranges. RangeForce is revolutionizing cybersecurity training with its adaptive learning to rapidly train and cross-train DevOps, IT, and security professionals, while integrating best-of-breed solutions from a growing ecosystem of RangeForce partners. Train with us to build cyber resilience, and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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