Cybersecurity Content Specialist

As a part of a great team, you will be creating immersive cybersecurity training modules that provide a hands-on learning experience. The current team has people with varied skills, and we are looking for someone to complement the team with hands-on cybersecurity knowledge.

What will you be doing in this role?

Depending on your strengths, you could be:

  • Scripting a server build.
  • Setting up a service (like DNS, web server, email server, database, etc.).
  • Setting up an intricate network for a large cyber game.
  • Developing a vulnerable application or system.
  • Writing an attack or user emulation.
  • Writing learning materials for a security tool.

Read more about this role in our blog post: "How RangeForce Applies a Hackers-Mindset to Cybersecurity Training: Q&A with the Head of Content Development at RangeForce"

  • Understanding of cybersecurity measures to protect an organization’s computer networks and systems, and knowledge on identifying technical security vulnerabilities.
  • Experience with a range of cybersecurity tools used to defend an organization’s Information Assets (including SIEM, SOAR, NAC, Endpoint Management, Anti-Malware, IDS/IPS, Firewalls)
  • General familiarity with Risk Management concepts
  • Experience with securing and using Windows (particularly Powershell)
  • Experience with using the Linux command line.
  • Skills on how to use at least one scripting language (Bash, Ruby, Python, etc) to script a cyber-attack.
  • Good communication skills and teamwork attitude.
  • Is capable of creating instructions and study material.
Useful to have:
  • Experience in a Security Operations Centre (SOC) as an analyst or threat hunter.
  • Experience with threat intelligence solutions
  • Knowledge of how to use Metasploit to test the security of different systems.
  • Thorough understanding of Linux operating systems, their vulnerabilities and hardening methods.
  • Experience with web development and an understanding of common coding mistakes in web development.
  • Can compile programs and/or payloads in the C programming language.
  • Can read and understand Java, PHP, JavaScript programming languages.
  • Basic experience with web development and an understanding of common coding mistakes in web development
This role will give you the opportunity to:
  • Make an impact on the technology community, make a difference and change the way people defend against cyberattacks. We do not see this as a job – we see it as a mission.
  • Be part of a fast-paced startup environment where you get involved in challenging projects and work with global customers.
  • Join a dedicated global team of cybersecurity and software professionals.
  • Grow professionally in a flat engineering structure and work with different projects and cross-functional teams.
  • Enjoy flexible work hours to balance your life, your continued education, and your work.
  • Talented and hard-working t̶r̶o̶l̶l̶s̶ team members.
  • Get all the perks that come with a tech startup, including health days, coffee at the office, team events, and much more.
  • You get a competitive salary and a benefits package.

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