New Courses: Azure and AWS Essentials

by RangeForce Team

As security leaders are well aware, cloud security training has emerged as an indispensable tool for teams to stay one step ahead of evolving cyber threats. That's why at RangForce, we've put a focus on creating new training content on cloud topics, including our most recent course releases: Azure Security Essentials and AWS Security Essentials.

Azure Security Essentials starts learners learners off with Kusto Query Language (KQL), a pivotal tool for data exploration within Microsoft platforms, such as Azure Data Explorer and Log Analytics.

Next, learners hone in on cloud incident response to help prepare their organization to quickly identify and contain incidents and breaches in their cloud-based systems and applications.

Finally, learners get hands-on experience with Microsoft Sentinel, an Azure cloud-based SIEM and SOAR solution. As part of the course, learners perform simple log analytic queries, incident analysis, and investigate detection rules.

In AWS Security Essentials, learners first focus on logging and monitoring within the AWS ecosystem. The course covers key AWS services including CloudTrail, CloudWatch, and Athena. Learners will understand how to centralize logs, set up custom configurations, monitor events, and run basic queries.

Learners then take a deep dive into Amazon S3 security, where they gain an understanding of cloud storage, the details of creating and configuring S3 buckets, and the common vulnerabilities that can lead to data breaches.

The course culminates in a hands-on data breach investigation challenge.

We regularly release new content that maps to the most in-demand cybersecurity skills. Want to learn more? Experience a small part of the platform for free in Community Edition, ideal for students and individuals. For cyber leaders, see how we upskill enterprise teams in a custom demo

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