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Introducing SecHQ: Recommendations Engine and Curated Content

by RangeForce Team

SecHQ will help cybersecurity professionals get to the most relevant content, faster

RangeForce today announced the launch of SecHQ, which provides cybersecurity professionals with the ability to receive custom content recommendations based on their specific interests and goals. With SecHQ, users on the RangeForce platform can focus on a specific topic, or explore recommendations for further skills development. SecHQ also spotlights available RangeForce content on well-known security tools, including Splunk, Cisco, and Elastic.

SecHQ will particularly benefit users who want to bolster their understanding of techniques like MITRE ATT&CK, but are have limited time to devote to upskilling. The recommendations in SecHQ surface the most relevant content on the “front page” of the platform, enabling users to get started as soon as they log in. 

“Many companies these days are challenged by this unprecedented job market, and they might not have much bandwidth to focus on defensive readiness. SecHQ will help those organizations make the most out of their teams’ time,” said Jeff Orloff, RangeForce’s VP of Product. “This is just a taste of what’s to come in personalized skills development.”

Paired with the RangeForce Training Plans feature, users can start with company-assigned content and move on to more advanced courses for deeper cyber readiness. Any cybersecurity professional, from SOC Analysts to Development Operations professionals and more, will find value in SecHQ. 

Current RangeForce customers have access to SecHQ as of today; the amount of visible recommendations correlates to the total number of modules available in the user’s license. Users will be prompted to start recommendations as soon as they log in. 

Not yet a RangeForce customer? Get a custom demo, and ensure your cyber defense capabilities are up to the challenge of today’s threat landscape.