How RangeForce Delivers Measurable Cyber Readiness Results in 30 Days

by Taavi Must

In today's rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape, organizations must continuously refine their defensive capabilities to stay ahead of threats. Traditional perimeter defenses are no longer sufficient as advanced and persistent threats continue to bypass these security measures. 

At RangeForce, we’ve developed a unique approach to empower team cyber readiness at scale and deliver measurable improvement in defense readiness within just 30 days. 

In this blog post, we'll explore how RangeForce achieves this via the (AR)² Readiness Program.

The (AR)² program is designed to help organizations identify and address skill gaps within their cybersecurity teams. This framework has four steps: Assess, Address, Review, and Repeat.

1. Assess

For homepage with ring (1)The first step is to assess the most critical threats facing the organization, such as advanced criminal groups, ransomware, and other evolving cyber risks. By prioritizing these concerns, organizations can focus their efforts on the most relevant and significant threats.

Next, the program assesses the cyber defense capabilities of the team. RangeForce conducts team exercises to measure defense capabilities and generate After Action Reports that highlight both strong areas and skill gaps. This hands-on approach ensures a thorough assessment of a team's readiness to face real-world threats.

2. Address

Once skill gaps have been identified, RangeForce develops targeted training plans to address them. These  plans are  tailored to the organization's specific threat landscape, ensuring that team members develop the skills needed to defend against the most pressing risks.

In addition to upskilling existing team members, organizations may also need to bring in new talent to quickly address skill gaps. RangeForce can assist in identifying and recruiting the right personnel to bolster the organization's cyber defense capabilities.

3. Review

Organizations should conduct reviews to evaluate their progress in reaching their desired level of cyber readiness. These reviews can help identify any remaining skill gaps and ensure that the right teams are included in the assessments and training process.

4. Repeat

After addressing the identified skill gaps, the (AR)² program focuses on continuous improvement. The cycle of exercise, measurement, and upskilling is repeated for each prioritized threat. This process ensures that the cybersecurity team keeps skills current and can effectively respond to new challenges.

The RangeForce (AR)² Advantage

Our unique approach to cybersecurity readiness is evident in the results (AR)² delivers. Within 30 days, organizations can see measurable improvements in their defense readiness:

  • Week 1: Onboard and assess team skills to identify skill gaps.
  • Weeks 2-3: Assign targeted threat-based training to address identified gaps.
  • Week 4: Begin to see the first results from the time investment.

In addition, RangeForce provides ongoing support with quarterly reviews and team exercises focused on specific threats every 1-3 months. This continuous process allows organizations to demonstrate a measurable increase in their cyber posture within a short timeframe.

The RangeForce (AR)² Readiness Program empowers organizations to build stronger, more resilient cybersecurity defenses by focusing on team skills and expertise. By identifying and addressing skill gaps, providing targeted training, and ensuring continuous improvement, RangeForce can deliver measurable improvement in defense readiness to your team within just 30 days. 

Ready to see how the (AR)² Readiness Program can drive results for your team? Click here.


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