RangeForce 2.0: The Future of Online Cybersecurity Training

14 August, 2020

In 2014, RangeForce took up the challenge to deliver a solution that enabled organizations of all sizes to teach their Cybersecurity, AppSec, and DevOps teams the critical skills necessary to defend against cyberattacks. 

What RangeForce built was the market’s first fully-integrated cyber skills training platform that includes both hands-on individual training modules and a full cyber range delivered via a cloud-based solution. This affordable “train and practice anywhere at any time” model democratizes operational cybersecurity training and arguably does more to prepare security teams to defend against cyberattacks than any product or technology alone.

We continue to believe at RangeForce that cyber, IT, and AppSec professionals, rather than just technology, are the most important assets an organization has to protect against cyberattacks. This means their training is paramount and must progress, just as threats continue to evolve. 

RangeForce 2.0, the next generation of our cyber skills platform, enables an entirely new level of cybersecurity training based on simplified deployment and management and a security training orchestration framework that makes it easier to train across multiple tools and systems.

Introducing RangeForce 2.0 Overview

From scalability to user experience, from new courses to manageability and reporting, RangeForce 2.0 delivers a training platform that enables IT and security teams to effectively operationalize a continuous cybersecurity training program.

The platform’s completely new front-end is designed to simplify the administration and management of training programs of all sizes. Admins and managers can easily create teams, assign users to teams, and assign training modules to teams or individuals. The creation of “Teams” allows training to align with a company’s organizational structure, while role-based learning tracks ensure that critical skills needed for each individual can be easily found and assigned.

New Prescriptive Learning Paths are prebuilt, quick-start training courses that align with the roles of your teams. Developed by our experts working closely with our Fortune 500 clients and aligned common cybersecurity frameworks, these learning paths jump-start your training. Learning paths cover coursework for Cybersecurity, IT, and DevOps Professionals, and are used to build employee career paths to help improve retention, build a strong security culture, and build cyber-resilience.

New Leaderboards show user progress against assigned courses and quickly identify learners who are moving through their assigned training faster than their peers and who may need more support. By combining leaderboards with individual skills reporting, team managers can identify learners who are the team stars and target them for deeper specialized or critical cross-skills training.

New Executive Reports are RangeForce Customer Services engagement reports that are included in your annual subscription. These reports are created from your company’s historic training and assessment data and custom build by our services team. Starting 3 to 4 months after your training is in place, RangeForce Customer Services will create and deliver these executive reports each quarter in the form of customized PDFs. The reports are designed to meet the needs of CISOs, CIOs, and other senior executives. Reports can include benchmark achievement graphics against (anonymized) peer training programs as well as benchmarks against industry standards tracked by your organization. Expect to hear from RangeForce Customer Services in the next few months so that we can define your report needs and set a date to create your first PDFs. 

On the backend, RangeForce 2.0 boasts a new virtual server architecture that increases our already best-in-class scalability and speed and creates a platform for all future learning technology enhancements. Not only will learners enjoy faster module load times and more responsive training modules, RangeForce 2.0 will also allow for the rapid integration of vendor technologies into the RangeForce Cyber Range. Users are aware that RangeForce already includes many common security tools like Nmap, Suricata, YARA, and more. Soon, you will hear about the additions of leading endpoint, SIEM, threat intelligence, and network security tools. These integrations are just the beginning of RangeForce’s Security Training Orchestration Program that will deliver hands-on training modules on implementing and operationalizing these technologies. We will further integrate training simulations across these technologies, and finally, deliver advanced blue team exercises where entire security stacks are included in the attack simulation. Watch in the coming weeks as Security Training Orchestration comes to life!

RangeForce 2.0 continues to deliver our on-demand, 100% hands-on, gamified training modules that develop cybersecurity skills through real-life scenarios. A fully integrated cyber range adds individual and team-based offensive and defensive exercises that allow security teams to experience the feel of defending against a real cyberattack.

RangeForce’s training, assessments, and attack simulations are the most effective way to improve and measure a security team’s detection and response capabilities, as well as develop better web application security and DevOps hygiene. With the RangeForce CyberSkills Platform, your team is better prepared to defend, detect, and respond to advanced attacks.

RangeForce 2.0 is available today at no additional cost for all existing RangeForce clients. 

If you are not currently a RangeForce client and would like to learn more, please visit rangeforce.com/learn-more.

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