RangeForce is in a Cybersecurity Skills And Training Platforms, Q4 2023 Analyst Report

by RangeForce Team

We're thrilled to have been included in The Forrester Wave™: Cybersecurity Skills And Training Platforms, Q4 2023! 

"It is great to see a leading research and advisory firm cover our space, which we believe underscores the importance of improving the skills and capabilities of security teams," said Brett Jackson, CEO of RangeForce. "We are also very pleased that RangeForce was included in this report as to us, it validates the value our cyber readiness program provides enterprise customers, with both personalized training and live-fire team exercises."

As the lead analyst noted in Forrester's blog post about the report, "The emergence of CS&T [cybersecurity skills and training] platforms ushers in a new era of upskilling and training focused not on point-in-time test prep but on continual learning, where practitioners go up against the latest attacker techniques individually or as a team to test technical skills, refine documented processes, and improve communication."

"These platforms increase employee engagement and retention, uncover skill and process gaps within the security program, and keep teams up to speed on the latest threats and adversarial tactics," the post reads. "Oh, and they’re far less expensive per head than most in-person training courses or boot camps."

The report is available to Forrester subscribers and for purchase on the Forrester website here

About RangeForce: RangeForce enables cybersecurity teams to measurably improve their readiness to defend against cyber attacks. 


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