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RangeForce Partners with the Black Cybersecurity Association to Create Career Advancement Opportunities

by Kurt Werner

April 5, 2021 - RangeForce, the company that is revolutionizing cybersecurity training, today announced a partnership with the Black Cybersecurity Association (BCA) to provide hands-on cyber skills training to BCA members. The alliance will help BCA members acquire new skills for career advancement and new job opportunities.

“This partnership with RangeForce will enable us to achieve our member training goals by providing hands-on and role-based learning modules that are accessible anywhere, anytime,” said Darold Kelly Jr., founder of the BCA. “We are excited to be able to offer access to this world-class training platform to our members.”

Programs offered by BCA are aimed at positively impacting communities while engaging and empowering members to become leaders in the industry. The BCA will have access to RangeForce modules that support the cybersecurity training needs of individuals and teams alike. The on-demand and cloud-based RangeForce solution allows learners to work with leading security tools, equipping them to detect and respond to the latest cyber threats.

“Darold and the entire BCA organization are helping the industry address a shortage of trained cyber professionals while supporting members to advance their careers,” said Jackson Thibodeau, Sr. Director of Channels at RangeForce. “The organization's inclusive and community-first approach to career mentorship is raising the bar for our industry. We are extremely pleased to be partnering with BCA and its 2,000 members.”

About BCA

BCA is an inclusive non-profit organization focused on community and career mentorship for underrepresented minorities in the cybersecurity field. The BCA was founded on July 9, 2020 by Darold Kelly Jr. with a mission to inspire, engage and empower their members to reach full potential and become leaders in the world that will positively impact their communities. The BCA offers programs that are aimed at positively impacting communities, such as KIDS CAN CODE, SECURITY+ STUDY GROUPS, OSCP BOOTCAMP and much more. For more information visit:

About RangeForce

RangeForce creates accessible cybersecurity training experiences for you and your team. Powered by the industry’s first integrated training platform and virtual cyber range, we help customers operationalize a SaaS-based cybersecurity training program in hours, saving up to 65% over traditional training and up to $1M annually on hosted cyber ranges. RangeForce is revolutionizing cybersecurity training with its adaptive learning technology to better train and cross-train DevOps, IT, and security professionals. Train with us to build cyber resilience, and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.