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RangeForce Community SOC Challenge Puts Security Pros’ Skills to the Test

by Kurt Werner

Manassas, VA - RangeForce, the company that is revolutionizing cybersecurity training, today announced the RangeForce Community SOC Challenge. From May 14 through May 31 this free competition for RangeForce Community Edition members will test participants' ability to address three separate cyber security scenarios within the confines of the interactive RangeForce Cyber Range. Registration details for joining the RangeForce Community Edition and the SOC Challenge are available here.

“Defensive SOC skills are in extremely high demand, so we wanted to create an opportunity for our Community Edition members to test and demonstrate their abilities for detecting email threats, preventing malware infections and performing incident response,” said Jeff Orloff, Vice President of Product Management and Technical Services for RangeForce. “Participants who successfully complete the challenges will receive certification badges that recognize their achievements and get access to free training modules to acquire new skills.”

The RangeForce Community SOC Challenge will present the following three separate and incrementally more difficult defensive scenarios:

Level One: Email Challenge
SOC analysts must frequently analyze suspicious emails. This scenario assesses participants ability to analyze email headers, file attachments, URLs and identify suspicious behavior using MX Toolbox and VirusTotal.

Level Two: Finding Patterns with YARA
YARA is a go-to tool for researching and classifying malware. In this scenario participants will need to gather critical information about malware and use it to create rules that will detect malware more quickly in the future.

Level Three: Detection Challenge
In this final scenario the network is experiencing an active malware infection, and participants will be required to use Splunk, Windows Security, and PowerShell to investigate and remediate the threat.

Prizes awarded for completing one or more of the challenges will include an official SOC Challenge Badge (certification) and free access to SOC Analyst RangeForce Battle Paths training modules.

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