RangeForce Partners With BlackGirlsHack

26 February, 2021

Feb. 24, 2021 - RangeForce, the company that is revolutionizing cybersecurity training, today announced a partnership with BlackGirlsHack (BGH) to provide training resources to black girls and women, and increase representation and diversity in the cybersecurity field. According to data from the...

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RangeForce Ushers in New Era of Hands-on Cybersecurity Training with Workforce-Ready Certificate Program

19 November, 2020

MANASSAS, Va., Nov. 19, 2020 -- RangeForce is today introducing a hands-on, workforce-ready certificate program, the first blue team skills certificate for the cybersecurity market. 

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RangeForce Launches Free Community Edition to Level Up Skills of Cybersecurity and IT Pros

24 September, 2020

20 core learning modules for SOC, DevOps, and AppSec teams accessible via a community platform, on demand, anytime from the cloud 

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ISSA Journal: Can You Handle a Nation-State Cyber Attack?

1 September, 2020

We’re pleased thatISSA Journalpublished an article by our President andCRO Gordon Lawson.

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RangeForce Intros Hands-on YARA Training Modules

18 August, 2020

Security pros can take the YARA Challenge to build skills on a powerful malware classification and threat hunting tool

MANASSAS, Va., April 22, 2020— In the battle against targeted malware and other threats,RangeForceis helping security professionals fight back with a new set of YARA...

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Former Deputy Director of the NSA: Cyberspace Solarium Commission

13 August, 2020

MANASSAS, VA, May 19, 2020 —In a live webinar interview conducted byRangeForcePresident Gordon Lawson, Chris Inglis, Former Deputy Director of the National Security Agency and member of theCyberspace Solarium Commission,will share the Commission’s dramatic findings, including the risks to U.S....

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How to Train Your SOC Staff: What Works and What Doesn't

Cybersecurity training programs are an expense to an organization, but offering SOC staff professional development opportunities turns out to be a tool for talent retention.

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Build a Continuous Education Program for Better Cybersecurity

Addictive learning works because it keeps students interested and challenged at all times. 

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Six Tenets of Modern Cybersecurity Training

Organizations should consider the following guidelines for cyber security training that address different learning styles and the need to present material in a practical, Web-based method.

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Becoming a Self-Taught Cybersecurity Pro

Cybersecurity pros are in high demand. Here's how one system administrator developed his own personal online night school curriculum to gain the expertise for a successful security career.

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Cybercrime Magazine – RangeForce Feature

Simon Hodgkinson, former CISO at BP on RangeForce and Cyber Range Technology

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The Role of Team Training in Cybersecurity

These days, few things trigger more insecurity than cybersecurity. The threat
landscape continues to grow, attack methods become more nefarious and the
collateral damage from assaults keeps getting worse.

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This tiny country keeps on creating tech unicorns. Here's how it does it

Investments in Estonian startups are growing fast and the country of just 1.3
million people has produced already its fifth unicorn.

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How To Address The Lack Of Diversity In Cybersecurity

Taavi Must is Founder and CEO at RangeForce, which provides a scalable,
cloud-based and interactive cybersecurity training platform.

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Creating Cyber Resilience Through Training

Organizations Must Find New Ways to Acquire the Expertise They Need to Protect

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There's a lack of cybersecurity talent being developed in the region

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