RangeForce Launches Free Community Edition to Level Up Skills of Cybersecurity and IT Pros

24 September, 2020

20 core learning modules for SOC, DevOps, and AppSec teams accessible via a community platform, on demand, anytime from the cloud 

MANASSAS, Va., Sept. 24, 2020 -- RangeForce has introduced a Community Edition of its popular simulation-based CyberSkills Training Platform that features access to its dynamic hands-on learning environment and free use of 20 core cybersecurity learning modules. Ideal for small and medium-sized organizations as well as larger enterprises, the RangeForce Community Edition introduces SOC analysts, DevOps, and web application engineers to cloud-based simulated cyber training. Learning modules offer important basics as well as specialized training, while the new community showcases how a flexible, affordable learn-in-place training solution is ideal for distributed teams that want to continually upskill their security teams.

Register here to start using RangeForce Community Edition. 

“The global talent shortage and rapid increase in cyber threat activity have made transforming security and IT professionals into highly capable defenders a top priority everywhere,” said RangeForce President Gordon Lawson. “The RangeForce Community Edition offers a great way for organizations of all sizes to develop more competent people and effective teams and see that they can, in fact, do something now to address the shortage of people with hands-on technical expertise and experience in detecting and protecting against malicious activity.”

RangeForce’s Community Edition includes:

  • 20 core cybersecurity modules for free, all using hands-on simulation based work covering topics such as Docker and Kubernetes vulnerabilities and security tools like Splunk and Yara
  • CPE credit certificate after completion of five modules and the opportunity to win a RangeForce Community “Level-Up” t-shirt. 
  • New module promotions will be added regularly with the chance to earn specialty skills badges, try new modules, and participate in the RangeForce beta program. 

A Ponemon 2019 Global State of SMB Cybersecurity Study of nearly 2,400 IT and security practitioners in the U.S., U.K., DACH, Benelux, and Scandinavian confirms 

63% of businesses globally reported an incident involving the loss of sensitive information about customers and employees, with no organization too small for targeting. Another Ponemon study, “The Economics of Security Operations Centers: What Is the True Cost for Effective Results?" (registration), found that more than two thirds (67%) of some 637 IT and IT security practitioners surveyed in organizations running SOCs say that training SOC analysts is one of the most critical SOC activities.

At a cost of one-third of traditional classroom training, the RangeForce Cyberskills Platform is built around a set of prescriptive learning paths with quick-start training courses that align with the roles of teams from cybersecurity, IT and DevOps. In addition to continuous upskilling of employees, RangeForce helps organizations build employee career paths to improve retention, build a strong security culture, and create cyber-resilience. 

To learn more about the RangeForce Community Edition read our blog, and register to join the RangeForce community at https://go.rangeforce.com/community-edition-registration.

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RangeForce makes creating highly skilled cybersecurity defenders simple, flexible, and fast for all enterprises. Powered by the industry’s first SaaS-based, integrated cybersecurity simulation and virtual cyber range, we help customers operationalize a security training program in hours, saving up to 65% over traditional training and up to $1M annually on hosted cyber ranges. RangeForce is revolutionizing cybersecurity training with its adaptive learning to rapidly train and cross-train DevOps, IT, and security professionals, and security training orchestration integrating best-of-breed solutions from a growing ecosystem of RangeForce partners. Train with us to build cyber resilience! 

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