Introducing RangeForcer: Matthias Biskop, Director of Platform Development

5 November, 2020

This post is part of our series on Engineering at RangeForce - and introduces some of the personalities on our team. 

We sat down with Matthias Biskop, Director of Platform Development at RangeForce. Here’s what he had to say: 

What motivated you most about joining RangeForce?

I wanted to be a part of a high-growth technology company and experience the expansion. RangeForce is just the right match - the company is still in the early days, with tremendous growth potential. It is exciting to see a company evolve into something great and I really enjoy being part of the whole process.

What are your main goals now that you’re part of the RangeForce team?

As a team lead, I want to build the greatest Platform team out there and find the best people to complement each other. These people need to be driven to contribute to something great and value open and direct communication, and collaborating with others. We have a culture of helping each other and it’s very important that the team and the whole company follow the rules of open communication.

What will you focus on most in the next few months (up to a year) as you help expand the RangeForce platform? 

A lot of things – supporting our users is my biggest goal, e.g creating an intuitive user experience for our learners and the right KPIs/dashboards for the manager roles on the platform so that they can track their team’s progress. 

Our list of creative and cool ideas is long, and many improvements are already been implemented. 

We’re always looking ahead to implement the next generation of technologies. Cybersecurity might seem like a closed-off and reserved world on its own, but if you look closer then there are so many opportunities, and I enjoy it a bunch!

What is the best part about working at RangeForce?

What I most enjoy is the principle of supporting open communication and cross-team collaboration. Also, everything moves quickly and efficiently at RangeForce. I feel very connected to our motto “Let’s build it” as we’re serving the characteristics of our platform - we’re hands-on, practical, metrics-driven, and expect smart work. 

Our people are so enthusiastic and helpful that you want to work with them – everyone’s drive is strong and they wish to make a positive impact through their work. 

Also, we work with all the newest technologies which makes everything much more exciting for engineers and developers. As a training company, we, of course value the personal and professional growth of our people - making the team continuously better. It helps that there is very little corporate bureaucracy and you can develop your own flexible working time.

When you’re not developing a platform, what do you usually do in your spare time?

I like running or jogging and even planned on doing my first half marathon. Unfortunately, it got canceled due to COVID-19...maybe next year. ☺ 

Other than that, I love going out in nature and exploring Estonia as I moved here from Germany.

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