RangeForce News: Feature Releases and Learning Path Updates

by RangeForce Team

No tricks, just treats: We've got new features and learning path updates to share. 

SOC Learning Path Changes

The SOC 1 and SOC 2 Learning Paths have been retired to introduce new paths that better align RangeForce module content to industry recognized roles. Learners can now earn badges for Junior SOC Analyst I, Junior SOC Analyst II, Senior SOC Analyst I, Incident Responder, Security Engineer I and Security Engineer II roles. 

The new paths are under development for release in the coming months. Learners who have earned legacy SOC 1 and SOC 2 badges will continue to retain those badges in their profile but new badges for these retired paths will no longer be issued.  

View all current RangeForce badges available in Credly here

 New Admin Feature: Integrated SOC Metrics

Screen Shot 2023-10-19 at 1.13.54 PM-1Integrated SOC Metrics is a new feature in our team threat exercises reporting where Program Administrators can track team performance against key metrics used by SOC teams across the industry. By viewing their post-exercise assessment, Administrators can see team scores and timelines for Mean Time to Detect, Mean Time to Respond, and Mean Time to Attend/Analyze.

Each of these metrics corresponds to the MITRE methodology of Detect, Disrupt, Defend, which are also viewable in the detailed skills acquisition portion of the post-exercise assessment. These calculations are done in the background for every exercise, so teams can benchmark and work towards improvement each time they are in a range.

New Admin Feature: Team Filtering

Admins can now filter their dashboard based on team. The team filter is found in the top right corner of the dashboard. This feature provides a clear view of the preparedness levels in Threat-centric reporting per team. Note that while the overall parent organization may display unprepared, drilling down to specific teams can reveal higher preparedness levels.

New Admin Feature: Pre-Exercise Auto Assign

AutoAssignAdmins can now automatically assign module prerequisites when scheduling a new team exercise. Admins can select this option during the "assign teams and participants" step.

Once the team exercise scheduling is saved and submitted, the prerequisite training plan is generated and the team exercise participants automatically assigned to the plan.







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