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Safety Detectives Interviews Taavi Must, CEO of RangeForce

by Kurt Werner

May 5, 2021

Taavi Must, CEO of RangeForce, recently sat down with Safety Detectives to discuss his journey into the world of cybersecurity skills training and building a cloud-based cyber range solution. You can read Taavi's full interview at

Safety Detectives: Can you tell me a little bit about your cybersecurity journey that brought you to RangeForce?

Taavi Must: My journey is a little different than that of most founders of cybersecurity startups. I’m not actually from cybersecurity, as I actually spent most of my time on the IT side, not on the cybersecurity side, of the technology companies. We started in Oracle and BMC Corporation and then we built up here in the Baltics integration companies. We have technologies like Cisco, VMware, and BMC.
One of the projects we had was to build a cyber range for external defense forces, which was later used by the largest NATO international cybersecurity exercises. And that was, for me, a turning point to cybersecurity.

We learned how to build a cyber range and that was a great experience, but it wasn’t really the most important one. The most important thing was what we saw during those large-scale cybersecurity exercises, which was that even the top NATO teams had trouble on the first tier because it was a red team/blue team type of exercise. They had to defend their infrastructure, and there are not too many places in the world where we can really learn how to defend. It’s much easier to find out how to hack things.

For us, it was an “a-ha” moment that we need to take that experience of the true cyber range and make it scalable. After that, we started to build our platform, making sure that we build the platform where IT professionals and security operations teams can go in and learn how to defend against real attacks. So that was the start of the RangeForce, and I’ve been in cybersecurity ever since.

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