RangeForce provides the most efficient way to train and assess your security professionals online and at scale

With a cloud-based, on-demand training platform and integrated cyber range, remote teams get hands-on, real-world lessons that teach how to detect and respond to the latest cyber threats and system vulnerabilities. RangeForce is the most efficient and effective way for security leaders to measure cyber-skills improvement and increase cyber-resilience over time.

No need to buy or manage hardware or software means fast setup and cost reduction.

Cybersecurity Training

Learn how to identify and fix vulnerabilities with hands-on, real-world simulations and training

Learn to recognize and contain threats, surface and fix vulnerabilities, and utilize the lastest threat hunting tools to reduce the risk of a successful cyberattack. Classroom training alone doesn’t hold cyberattacks at bay; hands-on training is essential in defense.

RangeForce simulations are hosted on a cloud-based platform that allows security professionals to experiment with sophisticated attacks and respond to real-world scenarios in an isolated and safe environment.

According to HolonIQ’s latest global survey, over 90% of “training industry” respondents expect significant disruption to their sector by 2025. “The workforce today expects dynamic learning portals. Most companies are still struggling with outdated training methods which do not jive with the current generation.”
Simulated Cyber Training
RangeForce Immersive CyberSkills Platform
The Research Institute of America concluded that e-learning boosts retention rates by 25 to 60%, compared to retention rates of 8 to 10% with traditional training results in $30 in productivity.

Continually hone cybersecurity expertise with hundreds of online training modules

Identify the skills that each employee has mastered and those that need to improve. RangeForce training modules are developed by cybersecurity experts to train cybersecurity experts.

With hundreds of modules, and new ones added weekly, your employees can stay up to date with the latest threats and vulnerabilities. Modules tracks:

  • Security Operations/Incident Response
  • Sec DevOps
  • Web Applications Security (WASE)

Training modules within each track move from foundational to intermediate to advanced levels.

Fast Setup, Easy Operation, Reduced Training Costs

Classroom-based cybersecurity training is costly, inefficient, and often ineffective. With RangeForce, you can spin up training course in just a few hours. RangeForce delivers a cloud-based asynchronous training platform and integrated cyber range for pennies on the dollar. Our customers report annual savings in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

According to an IBM study, every dollar invested in online training results in $30 in productivity, mainly because employees are able to resume their work faster and apply their skills immediately.

Reduced Training Costs

Helpful remote training resources

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