Upcoming Webinar! Tiers, Not Tears: Contextualizing Cyber Threats

by RangeForce Team

We said it: All threats are NOT created equal. 

Learn more at our upcoming webinar, "Tiers, Not Tears: Contextualizing Cyber Threats." 

Instead of treating everything as a code-red, we'll introduce a systematic approach to threat classification that  categorizes threat actors into distinct tiers. 

Register now to learn:

  • The unique behaviors and strategies of each threat tier
  • Why labelling every threat "tier 1" is more harmful than helpful
  • How organizations can adopt a tiered model for a more targeted, and more effective, defense strategy

Presented by Tanner Howell and Scott Flower of the RangeForce Solutions Engineering team, this thought-provoking webinar is a must-see. 

What: Tiers, Not Tears: Contextualizing Cyber Threats webinar

When: Offered in two sessions, December 13 and 14 (select preference in registration)

How: Register here

Can't make it in person? Register anyway, and you'll get first access to the recording. 

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