Tech Data Video: RangeForce Hands-On Splunk Training Modules

8 October, 2020
Join Tech Data Cyber Range Engineers Josh and John as they present another one of their Tech Data video training series on technical security solutions. This episode covers Splunk Basics.

Splunk Basics is part of the Security Operations Analyst Level 1 Learning Path.

RangeForce offers nine different hands-on Splunk training modules from beginner to advanced user. In this episode, Josh and John walk through the basics of how to use Splunk including log familiarization - web transactions, database activity, and system security logs - and Splunk's powerful search capabilities in the RangeForce hands-on cybersecurity training platform.


Tech Data is a preferred RangeForce distributor, and the Tech Data Cyber Range offers the complete RangeForce platform. Learn more about the Tech Data Cyber Range here.

Request a demo to see the RangeForce platform in action, including our modules on Splunk training and other security tool integrations.

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