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Niloofar Razi Howe Joins RangeForce Board of Advisors

Dec.2, 2020 - RangeForce today announced that Niloofar Razi Howe has joined its board of advisors.A 25+-year investor, executive, and entrepreneur in technology and a top influencer in national security and cybersecurity, Howe was most recently chief strategy officer and senior vice president of strategy and operations at RSA. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of Recorded Future, Morgan Stanley US Banks, and Pondurance. She is also a Senior Fellow at New America and serves on a number of US Government advisory boards.

RangeForce Ushers in New Era of Hands-on Cybersecurity Training with Workforce-Ready Certificate Program
RangeForce Ushers in New Era of Hands-on Cybersecurity Training with Workforce-Ready Certificate Program

Nov.19, 2020 - RangeForce is today introducing a hands-on, workforce-ready certificate program, the first blue team skills certificate for the cybersecurity market. The new certificate is designed to provide evidence that cybersecurity professionals have mastered critical detection and response capabilities and validate for employers that individuals have the practical knowledge and skills needed to do the work required versus theory-based certifications.

CREST certificate training cyber
RangeForce Becomes Crest Approved Training Provider

Nov.12, 2020 - RangeForce announced it has received approval as a CREST-accredited training provider. CREST is the not-for-profit accreditation and certification body representing the technical information security industry.

7 Eagle RangeForce cyber training veteran
RangeForce and 7 Eagle Group Join Forces to Boost Veterans’ Hands-on Cybersecurity Skills

Oct.27, 2020 - RangeForce announced a partnership with 7 Eagle Group to upskill veterans with hands-on cybersecurity training and help private and government hiring organizations close their cybersecurity talent gap.

Free Community Edition skills Cybersecurity
RangeForce Launches Free Community Edition to Level Up Skills of Cybersecurity and IT Pros

Sep.24, 2020 - RangeForce has introduced a Community Edition of its popular simulation-based CyberSkills Training Platform that features access to its dynamic hands-on learning environment and free use of 20 core cybersecurity learning modules. Ideal for small and medium-sized organizations as well as larger enterprises, the RangeForce Community Edition introduces SOC analysts, DevOps, and web application engineers to cloud-based simulated cyber training.

cyber skills gap
Cybersecurity Skills Gap: Solving the Cybersecurity Talent Crisis

Sep.21, 2020 - Taavi Must, the founder and CEO at RangeForce believes that in the cybersecurity field, the main problem lies in not being able to attract, train, and retain the talent necessary to protect the enterprise. "We have plenty of technology but the capability to make them effective at using that technology is nascent," he says. "It's ludicrous to think we can become effective cyber defenders without regularly practicing and testing the ability of a security team to work together under a high-stress environment."

battle fortress cyber range
RangeForce Launches Battle Fortress Cyber Range

Sep.18, 2020 - RangeForce today announced availability of Battle Fortress Cyber Range, a highly scalable and affordable cloud-based cyber range that allows hundreds of cybersecurity professionals to remotely participate and continuously train using offensive red team or defensive blue team exercises. Battle Fortress is a scalable and re-usable cyber range to recreate an entire IT environment and emulate a company’s existing security tools to support training of remote SOC teams.

Cyber skills gap training
RangeForce Brings Management, Measurement to Enterprise IT Training

Sep. 8, 2020 - Training is much like any other IT element - you must be able to measure to manage effectively. The challenge of measuring skill sets, while also enhancing staffer skills remains a major obstacle when it comes to either selecting staffers or charting IT staffer’s career paths. eWeek discusses RangeForce’s new approach to guided, cloud-based training brings measurement and management to technology training that was previously unheard of.

RangeForce CyberSkills Platform
RangeForce Signs Disti360 as Middle East Distributor for Cloud-based Cybersecurity Training

Aug.25, 2020 - RangeForce has announced a distribution agreement with Dubai-based. Under the partnership, Disti360 will distribute RangeForce’s Cyberskills Platform in the Middle East region.

cyber security skills training
RangeForce Raises $16 Million to Help Enterprises Build Highly-Skilled Cybersecurity Teams

Jul.28, 2020 - RangeForce announced a $16 million Series A round led by Energy Impact Partners. Paladin Capital Group continues its longstanding support of RangeForce as part of this round. The Series A also includes existing firm Trind as well as a new investment from Cisco Investments.

CyberSkills Platform
RangeForce Debuts New Cyber Skills Platform for Technical Training

Jun.22, 2020 - To help organizations gain better visibility into the readiness of their security teams and quickly build a continuous cybersecurity training program. RangeForce has launched the RangeForce Cyberskills Platform 2.0. The upgraded platform is based on a virtual server architecture that will further enhance the learning experience and deliver greater scalability to accommodate large numbers of users, without heavy lifting by administrators.

Cyber security attack
ISSA Journal: Can You Handle a Nation-State Cyber Attack?

Jun.20, 2020 - We’re pleased that ISSA Journal published an article by our President and CRO Gordon Lawson. In the article, Gordon discusses the operational training approach in cybersecurity to countermeasure a nation-state attack. No one is immune to that and never will there be enough technology to protect desirable targets. He discusses the experience of the Barclays team who has applied continuous training, assessments, and simulations to confront the most dangerous adversaries.

cyber resilience training
Accelerate Training To Strengthen New Cyber-Resilient Organization

Jun.15, 2020 - Global IT compensation is the highest it has ever been, according to the Global Knowledge 2019 IT Skills and Salary Report. With new security threats emerging almost daily, we know that skills can quickly become out of date. Wouldn't we be better off hiring young people without skills or recruit recent grads and train them up? Taavi Must, the Founder and CEO at RangeForce discusses the greatest challenges facing our cyber defenses today and provides solutions to the cybersecurity skills gap in a recent Forbes article.

Taking Cyber Security to the Middle East
RangeForce & First Step MEA Roll Out Cybersecurity Training Platform

May 28, 2020 - RangeForce will expand its operations in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) under a distribution agreement with First Step MEA, the two companies have announced.

Cyber security nsa skills training
Former Deputy Director of the NSA: Cyberspace Solarium Commission

May 19, 2020 - In a live webinar interview conducted by RangeForce President Gordon Lawson, Chris Inglis, Former Deputy Director of the National Security Agency and member of the Cyberspace Solarium Commission, will share the Commission’s dramatic findings, including the risks to U.S. intellectual property, privacy, critical infrastructure, and the integrity of the American election system.

Industrial Control Systems Operators
RangeForce and Fortiphyd Logic Partner to Boost ICS Cybersecurity

May 5, 2020 - RangeForce has partnered with Atlanta-based Fortiphyd Logic to deliver practical and affordable hands-on Industrial Control Systems (ICS) training to utilities, oil and gas, and other critical infrastructure providers who must defend their networks from advanced cyberattacks.

Ectacom Cyber Security Training
RangeForce & ectacom GmbH Deliver Advanced Cybersecurity Training

Apr.20, 2020 - ectacom GmbH, Business Development distributor and RangeForce have announced a strategic partnership to introduce and establish the RangeForce platform in the DACH and Eastern European regions.

Yara Rules Training Modules
RangeForce Intros Hands-on YARA Training Modules

Apr.19, 2020 - In the battle against targeted malware and other threats RangeForce is helping security professionals fight back with a new set of YARA training modules that takes the learner from the basics to advanced rule creation.

Tech Data
RangeForce Signs Agreement with Tech Data for Cybersecurity Training

Apr.17, 2020 - RangeForce has signed a distribution agreement with Tech Data (Nasdaq: TECD), a leading global IT technology distributor. Tech Data will provide the RangeForce CyberSkills Platform to partners as well as use it as a hands-on simulated training solution in its Arizona-based Cyber Range.

Veteran CISO Anthony Johnson Advisory Board
RangeForce Adds Veteran CISO Anthony Johnson to Advisory Board

Mar.10, 2020 - RangeForce has added Anthony Johnson, Managing Partner at Delve Risk, to its advisory board. Based in Washington, D.C., Johnson provides cybersecurity and risk advisory services, consulting, and strategic analysis based on his wealth of knowledge as a top security executive and global CISO at financial service leaders, including Capital One, JPMorgan Chase and Fannie Mae.

YearUp Cyber Skills Training
Year Up and RangeForce Partner on Cybersecurity Training

Mar. 2, 2020 - Through a partnership between Year Up and RangeForce, students in the Washington DC metro area who are now completing their corporate internships from home as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis will be able to continue mastering their cybersecurity and IT skills using the RangeForce CyberSkills Training Platform relied on by top security teams around the world.

RangeForce to Deliver CyberSiege Training at NPower HQ
RangeForce to Deliver Cyber Range Training at NPower HQ

Feb.28, 2020 - Today RangeForce, provider of the industry’s most comprehensive simulation based cybersecurity skills training platform, announced that it will host a free blue team training exercise for NPower graduates. The event will take place on February 13 at NPower’s Brooklyn headquarters.

OneDistribution CyberSecurity Training
RangeForce & One Distribution Partner to Boost Cybersecurity Training

Feb.27, 2020 - The leading UK and Ireland technology distributor One Distribution and RangeForce have announced a partnership to broaden availability of the RangeForce platform in the UK and Ireland.

Jan Tighe RangeForce Advisory Board
US Navy Vice Admiral Jan E. Tighe Joins RangeForce Advisory Board

Feb.19, 2020 - Today RangeForce, provider of the industry’s most comprehensive simulation-based cybersecurity skills training platform, announced that VADM Jan E. Tighe, U.S. Navy (Ret.), has joined its Advisory Board.

RangeForce Sponsors Sepp Straka
RangeForce Sponsors Professional Golfer Sepp Straka

Feb.13, 2020 - RangeForce, provider of the industry’s most comprehensive simulation-based cybersecurity skills training platform, is pleased to announce our sponsorship of Sepp Straka on the PGA Tour for the 2020 season. Sepp is a 2016 graduate of the University of Georgia and is ranked 77th in the FedEx Cup standings competing in his second year on the PGA Tour.

Zane Lackey Joins the RangeForce Advisory Board
Chief Security Officer Zane Lackey Joins RangeForce Advisory Board

Feb.4, 2020 - Today RangeForce, provider of the industry’s most comprehensive simulation-based cybersecurity skills training platform, announced that Zane Lackey joins Chris Inglisand Charlie Miller as a member of the RangeForce Advisory Board. Zane Lackey is the Co-Founder / Chief Security Officer at Signal Sciences and the Author of Building a Modern Security Program (O’Reilly Media).

RangeForce CyberSiege Hands-on Defensive Training Simulation with Barclays
Cyber Range: Hands-on Defensive Cybersecurity Training with Barclays

Nov.2, 2019 - To celebrate National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, RangeForce joined forces with Barclays to deliver a unique CyberSiege at Barclays RISE NYC. This CyberSiege was a one-day immersive cyberattack challenge with participants coming from Barclays and another leading fortune 500 company cybersecurity teams from around the NYC area.

Former Deputy Director of the NSA Chris Inglis Joins the RangeForce Advisory
Former NSA Deputy Director Chris Inglis Joins RangeForce Advisory

Oct.19, 2019 - We are happy to announce that Chris Inglis, the former Deputy Director and senior civilian leader of the National Security Agency, has joined RangeForce’s advisory board.Mr. Inglis began his career at NSA as a computer scientist within the National Computer Security Center.

Charlie Miller cyber security
Renowned Cybersecurity Hacke Charlie Miller Joins Advisory Board

Sep.4, 2019 - We are happy to announce that Dr. Charlie Miller, “one of the most technically proficient hackers on Earth” has joined RangeForce’s advisory board. His background is astonishing. After receiving his Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Notre Dame, Dr. Miller served as a computer hacker for the National Security Agency for five years.

Gordon Lawson cybersecurity
Gordon Lawson joins RangeForce as Chief Revenue Officer and President

Jul.3, 2019 - Gordon Lawson, who is based in Washington DC, joins RangeForce with proven experience in growing business for cyber security firms. He will lead the sales expansion strategy essential to supporting RangeForce’s current explosive growth. Gordon joins at an exciting time for the global cybersecurity training market.

founders cyber RangeForce
RangeForce Raises $1.5M Round Led by Paladin Capital

May 23, 2019 - RangeForce, an Estonia and New York-based cybersecurity start-up, has raised $1.5 million in seed funding led by Paladin Capital Group with participation from Trind Ventures. Gibb Witham from Paladin Capital Group will join the board of directors.

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